Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grand Rapids, Here I Come!

So I changed my mind on the fall marathon. Instead of going for the Marine Corp Marathon, I decided to run the Grand Rapids Marathon on October 19. It will be much cheaper than going out to DC and I get to run in my hometown.

Let the training begin. Well, maybe not quite yet. I'll stick with building up that base for now.


Rick said...

Saaaaweet! I was planning on this for a fall race if I'm able to train for it this summer. I was kind of leaning toward the half to begin with though. Time will tell, I suppose.

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! ;-)

Mom on the Run said...

Yeah! I looked at the route and part of is along the route I take to my parents house. I think I have another friend talked into it, too.

You've got a marathon under your belt - what's a half? Hopefully the sports doc will be able to tell you something on your leg so you can get moving again.

How was Tammy's 5K run?

Rick said...

A marathon under my belt, indeed. And, with a stress fracture to boot! I'm so tuff (insert sarcastic tone here)!

Tammy's 5K went well - she wasn't pleased, her time was like 31:16 and her PR is 29:something - but there were soooo many runners, it was so congested. She actually had people in front of her stop dead to tie their shoes and also had groups of walkers (who were supposed to have started AFTER the runners) walking holding hands in front of her that she had to go around. Not a race to try and PR. It was fun and I would LOVE to do the 25K some day in the future when I am no longer broken.