Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum, Summertime

Yes, summer is in full swing here at our house. We just got home Saturday after spending two weeks at the cottage in Grand Haven. We were able to have fun, do some painting projects, and just spend time lounging.

I kept to my running schedule and only missed out on maybe six miles all together. They were mainly Saturday runs that I cut short due to time or just tired muscles combined with high humidity. I've even done some speed workouts - okay, maybe they were more like hill workouts - either way, they were a different challenge than running six miles.

For some reason, Mondays seem to be really good running days. I start off slower but finish strong and fast and end up averaging 9:30 per minute miles. Usually, I'm in the low 10 minutes.

Today is a day off and I'm enjoying that, especially because the temperatures are in the low 90s with high humidity. It is supposed to be that way the rest of the week so I'm going to have to try to get up a little early the next two days and go out in the morning rather than in the evening as I have been doing. It is going to be tough. Lately, I've been the last one up and only after Emily has come in to bed asking me to come downstairs and I can smell the coffee.

I will have to get up extra early Saturday morning. I'm running my first race of the season, the LakeFest 5 Mile. It is a nice run and goes right past our house (yes, last year I had thoughts of stopping and going back to bed). I'll have to get done quick, run home and shower in time for the parade. Emily's preschool is participating so we'll walk with them.

It should be an interesting night. The kitchen sink faucet gave out tonight and it is so old that the part needed isn't made anymore so Steve is going to put in a new one. I may be taking the girls out for ice cream and leaving him alone for a while. Wish us luck!

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