Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Ride on the Wild Side

While I've been trying to refrain from running and save my legs, I've hijacked Steve's road bike a couple of times and tonight was no different.

While it is a little bit big for me, with the seat adjusted I can reach the brakes and gear shift with a slight stretch. I decided to take it out for the 10-mile ride around the lake I spent most of the summer running around.

It is strange, when running, the hills really don't seem that bad probably because I got to the point that I could run them at a fairly consistent pace. I also didn't really have to think about it other than, oh, there's a hill coming up.

On the bike, it is a different story. There's a hill means downshifting the gears, increasing the pedaling speed and feeling the bike slow as you head up the hill. The downside of the hill means, shifting up and pedaling with all your might to make the next uphill a little easier.

The other adjustment I've had to make is getting out without the iPod and podcasts. All I hear is the wind in my ears. Hmmm, maybe that is why my ears hurt/are plugged up.

I headed out this evening around 5 pm as the sun was pretty close to the horizon although there was plenty of light throughout the ride. Almost halfway is a quiet, shady stretch of road. There were four young deer standing around a mailbox. As I was coming up on them, somewhat quietly but quickly, they spotted me. With about five feet to spare, three of them took off running, while the fourth, and probably smallest deer turned toward me. There was a moment of panic as I wondered if I would be meeting up with the deer or not. Thankfully, it ended up running away from me but I could hear it running in the woods almost parallel to me.

A while later, two deer headed out across the road in front of me. I slowed down as I crossed their paths hoping there wouldn't be other family members following them.

Just another mile down the road, I was "flying" down a hill as birds were flying with me.

It was a good ride. Never felt the burn in my legs but feel it when I go up the stairs.

Confession time - I did go out for a 4.5 mile run last night. It was way too nice not to. We have temps in the low 70s at least until tomorrow. Then, it sounds like it might be Mother Nature payback time. I'll take the warm temps and sunshine as long as I can get it.


Rick said...

That's one call I've not responded to yet in nearly 15 years of fire service... a bicycle - deer personal injury accident. Careful out there! ;)

How are your legs feeling on a run?

Mom on the Run said...

We have some pretty tame deer here. I've actually seen one or two just walking through town on occasion - usually heading toward the lake.

With the time change, too, I'm forgetting that if I go out around 5 pm, it is dusk and high deer traffic time. While I like it for getting dinner in before 7 pm and the kids in bed around 8 pm, it really stinks for getting in some late exercise.

The leg hurt a little bit when I started out Monday but then didn't bother me at all through the run. Usually a couple of hours later there is an ache or two. I'm probably being over cautious but I think I'm going to do a spring marathon so I'd rather take a bit of a break now and it be nothing than stopped in my tracks next spring.

On the other hand, I feel like the huge training base I've built up is slipping away and that frustrates me.

Sorry, long answer to a short question. Here's one back, with your sress fracture, was there a burning sensation at times?

Rick said...

Sorry for the delayed response to your long answer and short question. ;)

No real burning sensation with my sf, just localized pain that got greater with the more stress I put on it... like running a marathon. I'm beginning to wonder if that was an accurate diagnosis though. And, I can totally relate to your frustration with the feeling of losing the fitness level that you had built up. Grrr. :)