Monday, November 10, 2008

What My Kid's and I Talk About When We Talk About Running

With huge apologies to Haruki Murakami (the author of What I Talk About When I Talk About Running)

Here's a conversation that took place this evening.

Kate: How far are you going to run mom?

Me: Six miles.

Kate: Do we have to meet you?

Me: No. I only need you to meet me if I'm running over 10 miles.

Emily: Why?

Kate: Because she needs more water.

Emily: That's not very far.

Kate: You can run 16 miles.

Me: I can even run 26 miles.

Kate: Wow! That's a long way.

Me: That's how far I ran in the marathon.

Kate: Oh, that wasn't that far.


Kelly H. said...

hahaha. "that's not that far" Don't you love your kids?

Rick said...

Kids say the darndest things indeed. Hope you're well, Karen. Thanks for sharing the cute conversations. I miss those.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

I learned about your blog from my good running buddy, Joe and his blog. I enjoy your blog because it is very low key; just like this entry.

Mom on the Run said...

Kelly, my kids make me laugh all the tie. I just wish they would stay this age forever. I especially am loving age 4 (Emily).

Rick, we're good. I really liked Wednesday's post.

Eric, it's good to meet you. Hope all is well.