Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Glimpse of Where I've Been Running

We're ending our second week up in Grand Haven, Michigan and between yard work and painting (I really don't want to see another paint brush for a while), I finally got some pictures of where I've been running.

To begin with, here is the back of the cottage, complete with yard waste bags. It probably isn't the most flattering picture but it is really a nice place and about as close to camping as I'm willing to get. (Just kidding, Steve)

Here is the boardwalk along the Grand River heading toward downtown Grand Haven. The boardwalk runs for a little over a mile and takes you from the Grand Haven Pier all the way to the north side of town.

This is Escanaba Park, a memorial to the men killed when the Escanaba, a Coast Guard ship, was sunk in WWII, I believe.

Here is the City Marina. We (okay, mainly Steve) drool at the boats each time we go past. It used to seem like a long way away but it is only about a mile and a half.

This is looking back towards the lake. Just to the right of the cell phone tower is a white house - it is at the top of the infamous Five Mile Hill.

And here's the evening sunset from the beach. I think Steve took this the first night we were here. The beach was filled with seagulls and the girls enjoyed chasing every last one of them off the beach.

I've been able to run at least 5 miles every day this week except Tuesday when we went home and I figured all of the yard work and running around equated at least to a four mile run (well, not really, but I couldn't fit it in). Today, I got in six miles, came home to Steve and Emily sleeping and Kate playing quietly with her cousin so I grabbed some water and went for a six mile bike ride. It felt pretty good but I'm going to take my bike in Monday as I think it needs some adjustments.

We head up to Mackinac Island Tuesday with my parents, brother, and nephew so I'll try to post more "Where I've been running" pictures.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Brian Carlson said...

They look like nice places to run and enjoy the scenery.

Regina said...


Mom on the Run said...

Oh yeah! Tomorrow, Mackinaw Island. Time to get packing.

Susan said...

What a lovely area! I think some variety might spice up my running.