Monday, July 27, 2009

Horse Dreams

It's been a while since I've posted a funny comment from one of my daughters so I thought I would share the following conversation I had with Emily this morning.

Emily: Mom, when can we get a horse?

Me: You need to talk to dad about that.

Emily: Why? He's not allergic! (Our excuse for not having a cat is that Steve is allergic, which he is).

Me: Well, where would you keep it?

Emily: We could tie it up to the tree.

Yes, Emily is in to horses these days. After watching a couple of episodes of The Saddle Club, she will go out into the front yard, set up a bunch of obstacles, put on her bike helmet, and proceed to gallop and jump her way through the obstacles. She also has random horse names and while on walks, will suddenly slap her thigh and take off galloping.

On the running front, my 10 mile run Saturday night was fantastic. I took it slow and easy and ran consistently for 8 miles, took a walk break and hightailed it home.

The complete opposite happened last night. My 8 mile run was terrible. I could breath and was ready to throw in the towel at 6 miles. I ended up taking a ton of walk breaks to catch my breath and the kicker was I wasn't running that fast.

I'm going out for a 6 mile run tonight and I'll see how it goes.


Regina said...

That is so cute!! My mother just bought my son this miniature horse farm complete with barn, horse, those things they jump over, jeep and trailer. Of course, he only plays with the jeep and trailer. such a boy.

That 10 mile run sounds great, got to get me one of those soon!

Susan said...

I don't think tying a horse to a tree is a good idea. LOL

I hope your 6-miler went well!

Meg said...

Heh, gotta love Kid logic! Maybe you could get her signed up for riding lessons? Or take her on a trail ride?

Hope the run today felt better than the last one!

Mom on the Run said...

Seriously, she cracks me up. To top it off, this week we've been doing daily drives through the country to our church and there are several horse pastures on the way - she's decided to name all of the horses we pass (something we started doing when we were on Mackinac Island).

We do have friends who have a horse and a private school nearby with an incredible equestrian program, so the opportunities are there we just need to take advantage of them - although, will I just be fueling the fire? :-)