Monday, October 19, 2009

Deep Thoughts After a Marathon

I got to substitute teach in preschool this morning and kindergarten this afternoon. Here are somethings I took away from the experiences.

• I could kiss the person who invented handrails.

• It is really funny watching a bunch of preschoolers imitate the way you are gingerly going down the stairs using both handrails.

• Trying to do scissor jumping jacks is impossible at this time.

• I can't swing my arms in circles. It hurts too much.

• Elementary kids look at you really funny when you go down steps slowly, one at a time.

• I'm thinking about asking my husband to install handicap bars in our bathroom. They really came in handy this afternoon in the kindergarten bathroom where everything is low to the ground.

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Regina said...

Kids can be cruel. Feel better soon!