Friday, October 16, 2009

Two to Go...

Yesterday, I shared an excerpt from Don Kern's (GR marathon director) newsletter. Today, he sent out his last one before the race and include his top 5 things to remember when doing a marathon. I thought I would share them here not only because they are good to remember but they also make me smile, once again.

Don Kern's Top 5
5. Start out slower than you think you should -- It's easy to get caught up in the rush. Here in Grand Rapids, we have our Celebrity-Pace Pace Teams to help with that. You join a pace group and shoot for the same time as Oprah, P Diddy, George W, and other famous marathon runners.
4. It still counts if you have to walk part of the course -- Most people in the universe will never even think of covering 26.2 miles on foot. Crossing the finish line any way you can do it is still a major accomplishment.
3. Lubricate or tape everything that rubs -- It'll make those late miles (and the hot shower afterward) feel so much better. Try Sportwax, the official sports lubricant of the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon, available at our expo. (Gonzo here: Great advice, Don. I wish you would have offered this tip the day before my run with you guys!)
2. Learn to identify poison ivy leaves -- It helps to know, especially when you head off into the woods for a pit stop.
1. Don't worry! -- Your toenails will grow back.

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Regina said...

A slow pace in Grand "Rapids", funny.

I was wondering about the poison ivy, I couldn't imagine where the race route was going to take you. Potty break, yeah, better get to know what it looks like.

Good luck!!