Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!!

Yes, it is finally warmed up here in northwestern Indiana. I'm sure it will get cold again but I'll take the 70 degree temps.

Family, working, running, and no internet at home has kept me away from the blog. I feel really out of touch with my local friends and virtual friends.

I have just over a month before running the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. I'm feeling pretty good although the number of runs is down - I'm running five to six times per week. I've noticed my times are decreasing a little bit and I'm hoping to shave a little more time off my half-marathon PR.

As for Chicago, I didn't get registered. Depending on some other things, I may sign up with Team in Training or World Vision and do some fundraising to get in, although the thought of fundraising right now isn't all that appealing. If nothing else, maybe I'll try to volunteer that day. Who knows.

I'm sorry this is short, but there really isn't much more to add except one funny kid story (it has been a while).

I drive the girls to school, drop Kate off and walk Emily in. We realized Kate had forgotten her lunch so I needed to run home and get it. I asked Emily if she wanted to walk in by herself or ride with me. She said she wanted to ride with me, she didn't mind if she was late. We were actually early so I told her we probably wouldn't be late because we had left early that day. Kate chimed in, saying, "And Emily, you know you can't lose what you don't have."

Wisdom from my third grader.

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Regina said...

Smart girl! I am so jonesing for Spring to REALLY be here.