Sunday, June 6, 2010

Does This Count as a Speed Workout?

Well, another week has passed without any running. Well, until I fit in a quick run, and I mean quick, yesterday.

Emily recently learned to ride her bike without the training wheels. Steve took her to the school parking lot one day got her started and off she went all by herself! I attribute some of it to the tag-a-long bike we used last summer. She loved it and got so comfortable with it the first time we used it that she was riding with no hands or standing up. One time she did both - it was quite a sight to behold for the two seconds she held the pose until I realized what was going on and yelled at her to sit down and hold on.

So yesterday, Kate had a birthday party to go to and Steve had the car so the girls rode their bikes and I laced up my running shoes. On the way there, I walked because I was carrying the gift and beach towel. On the way home, though, with just Emily, we raced. I tried to keep up and she peddled fast. We did the same on the way back to pick Kate up and then walked home. I don't think it was much more than a mile total but it did feel good to run.

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Regina said...

Bike ride with no training wheels? Huge milestone!!! You must be a proud mama. Next year for us....fingers crossed.