Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm Back!!!

But first, I'm such a loser! I've actually tried to log into Blogger several times but couldn't remember my login. Duh! Today, I realized it asked for your e-mail. I can see my Aunt Lora standing there with her right hand to her forehead, her pointer finger and thumb forming an "L". Oh well.

Unfortunately, there really hasn't been anything to report up until now. I've gone out for a few "runs." It is in quotes because I did spend some time walking. I'm heading out too fast and then need to walk to catch my breath.

However, today, feeling the deep, painful need for a really good, shirt soaking workout, I headed to the Fitness Center, got on the elliptical machine and went crazy for 30 minutes. After that, got on the bike and pedaled for another 15 and then headed home feeling great!! (Now I can watch The Biggest Loser tonight without the guilt!!)

So now it is time to sit down and hopefully concentrate on the book editing I need to get done before I pick the girls up from school, get dinner, head to Wal-mart (oh, when is Target going to open a store closer to us!!!), and then to church for Children's Choir practice, and home by 8 p.m. for The Biggest Loser! Yipee!!

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