Saturday, December 22, 2007

What It's All About

Things have been busy and while I've been on the run, I've only gotten in about two or three runs. I've started going to the fitness center near our house to use the treadmill because it has been pretty cold and snowy here. Today, was a different story. The foot of snow that we got has all but melted and the temperatures were in the 40s. While we still have Christmas shopping and baking to do, I need to get outside while the weather was good. Apparently tomorrow, we plunge back into the deep freeze.

As I returned home from my outing, my two girls were outside playing in what little snow we have left while Natalie Merchant sang "These are the days". Yes, these are the days to remember. They go way to fast as I watch my six and three year old making baby snowmen and trying to sled down the pile of snow created by shoveling the driveway. The three year old, Emily, asks the funniest questions about Santa and Baby Jesus. She's trying to figure out how Santa gets down the chimney and how the elves get in.

Her preschool did a program this week. It was supposed to take place during the church service two weeks ago but, due to an ice storm, was to take place last Sunday. It was postponed once again thanks to the foot of snow, so their teachers decided that it would take place after preschool Thursday. Here it is:

For our family, the presents, Santa, etc. are all nice, but Christmas is all about our Saviour coming to earth as a baby, in the most innocent, humble way.

Here's wishing you a wonderful, special Christmas! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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