Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Let The Shinning Sun Deceive You

It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shinning and the sky is blue. The problem? The temperature. It was 14 degrees this morning when I took Kate to school. It is supposed to get colder this weekend and I'm prepared to hibernate inside all weekend, with the exception of getting out and going to church Sunday.

Hopefully, with no place to go, we'll get a bunch done on the many house projects we have going. We live in a big, old, beautiful house built around the 1920s. We're in the process of changing a bedroom into an office for my husband. Of course, when you start a project thinking it will be a simple paint the room, you find there is much more to do just to get the room ready so that it can be painted.

When we fixed up one room for a nursery, we ended up taking out a drop ceiling that was so overbuilt we could have used it as the base for a deck. Then we took of green paneling that left black glue on the three different coats of paint covering two layers of wallpaper. Nothing is simple in our house. Actually, there is still wallpaper on the ceiling that I didn't have the energy (8 months pregnant) to take off so we sponge painted the ceiling to look like a sky. It isn't bad, actually, it is pretty cute.

We're also redoing a bathroom/laundry room. Unfortunately, the washer and dryer are now unhooked and we are making the trek to the laundry mat. I'm looking forward to the high efficiency washer and dryer I've been promised. It is the light at the end of this construction tunnel.

Hopefully in the middle of all of this, I can get over to the fitness center for a run. Cross your fingers.

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