Sunday, January 20, 2008

It'll be a cold day in...

Yes, it is cold here! When my husband started the car this morning at 8:30 am, it was 1 degree outside. When we left for church at 10:30 am, it was up to 2 degrees. Baby, it's cold outside!!!

That being said, I can't imagine playing football outside in Green Bay right now. Whoever wins tis game deserves to win the Super Bowl just for their endurance. That, and I don't want the Patriots to win. My husband just wants a Manning in the Super Bowl.

Oh, back to "It'll be a cold day in..." My husband is going out on his own. Beginning Jan 31, he will be self employed. Gulp! Actually, I'm looking forward to it as it will afford us a lot more flexibility. Anyway, for his new venture, he needs to buy the Windows software for our Mac. We've been Mac users ever since we were married. Our first computer was a Performa in February 1994. We've used Windows machines for work but have never bought one for ourselves.

Well, today, I told him he should go ahead and buy it because it is a cold day in hell, at least in Hell, Mich.

It is back to happily editing on my MacBook. Maybe I'll stop by Mac's website to watch the latest Mac commercials. Those are some of the best commercials.

Oh wait, I think there was just momentary heart failure on the part of my husband as the Giants almost lost the football with a tied game and 2:15 left. It should prove to be a long 2:15.

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