Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bugs Got the Memo About Spring!

Yes, I encountered my first swarm of bugs this evening on my run. I ran through them, swatting and spitting. It is so funny to see what comes to life first once the weather begins to turn.

I had every intention of getting up this morning and going for a run - instead, I stayed in bed until 9 am. I went out this evening around 5 for a 5 mile run. I really tried to keep my pace steady and a little slower than it has been. It worked! I ended up walking briefly a couple of times, the last time, to stop and say hello to some friends out for their walk. I ended up finishing in just under 50 minutes with an average pace of 9:57. It felt good to go that distance and be consistent.

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Rick said...

Nicely done. I'm always thrilled to have consistent split times/pacing, no matter slow or fast. Ok, so fast may be a bit of an overstatement as, that I am not.