Saturday, March 22, 2008

It May Technically Be Spring...But Winter Hasn't Received the Memo Yet

When Kate was getting ready to turn four, we joked with her that we had received a memo and birthdays were being skipped that year and she had to stay three years old. She would just look at us and say, "Oh, Mom!"

Obviously, the memo that winter needs to receive is being met with the same reaction:

Mother Nature: Winter, I've received a memo that it is time for you to move on.

Winter: Oh, Mother Nature!

Okay, it was a little lame, but really, winter, move on. We'll look forward to your visit come next December. 

I have to say, though, that we have some dedicated runners/walkers in our group! I was running late this morning because I had to scrape the ice and snow off of my car. I should have just run over to the coffee shop! Anyway, I missed the three others who showed up. So I set up my iPod for 5 miles. Mind you, this is the longest distance I've gone in several weeks. I turned on Episode 20 of The Extra Mile Podcast and headed out onto the slick streets. 

I crossed paths with two of the walkers about 2 miles into my run and then, about a mile later ran into another runner. He turned around and we ran together for at least another 3 miles. His normal pace is a little slower than mine which was fine because I usually start out too fast and then end up having to walk. I ended up running a total of 6 miles at an average 10:15 pace. He headed off to do an additional 3 miles to get to 10. 

By the time I was finished running, the little snow pellets had turned to full blown snowflakes and began to cover the ground. 

I went home, picked up the girls and we headed to our town park for an Easter egg hunt. We were a little late but were able to find some snow covered eggs. Can you believe it? I wish my camera was working so I could have gotten better pictures than the two I took with my phone.

The snowflakes turned back to light snow and an hour later, it stopped. Now, the sun is trying to come out and the snow is quickly melting away. Unfortunately, the chill I have from the run and egg hunt is still with me. I think it might be time for some tea. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Resurrection Day! 

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Rick said...

Happy Resurrection Day to you as well! Thanks for the note on my blog. It's nice to see who's dropping by. I must say I was very distraught coming home from south Florida to 8" of snow! BLECH!

Hopefully the memo will get more attention and... soon! ;-)