Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Love Wireless!!

I'm sitting in my car outside of Kate's dance studio. I got my work done and am now hooked up to the wireless network updating my blog. Hopefully no one is hijacking my computer at this moment. If they do, there isn't much there - a bunch of music and podcasts, random edited chapters of edited books, and so on. I love being hooked up - especially because I have nothing else to do. If I just sit here, I will probably end up with my head back, eyes closed, and mouth open, snoring. It might still happen, I'm down to about 33% battery left.

Well, I got in 3 runs this week. Two five milers and on Thursday, I went for six. I covered the distance but it wasn't pretty. I'm fighting another cold and struggled with breathing. There were two decent inclines on my route and at the top of each of them, I was having trouble getting oxygen. You could hear a bit of wheezing. Once I walked and calmed down, I was good to go again. Still, my average pace ended up being around 10:45 min/mile.

Hopefully Steve and I will get out for a 10 mile walk tomorrow with his sister in preparation for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon in two weeks. I feel really bad because I'm going to end up being one of THOSE PEOPLE who show up for a race but really didn't train all that well. You know, the ones the columnists were complaining about after the Chicago meltdown? (I was fully prepared for Chicago - I just should have taken my own water). I will say, though, I think we'll be able to finish in approximately 3 hours which isn't bad - although I'll probably be hurting more than I was last year when I finished in 2:06.

Dance is almost done. Then the hour drive home and off to a retirement party for my former boss. He and his wife are both retiring at the same time. They are an amazing couple and I can't wait to see them as well as catch up with a bunch of people I haven't seen for a while. Okay, that, and there should be some good wine and Larry's amazing array of homemade cookies!

Good luck to all of you running Boston. I'll be following online.

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Rick said...

I take one of "THOSE PEOPLE" to mean that you aren't on your duff on a couch watching tv and eating potato chips, cookies, or ice cream - or, in my case, all 3!

Let them rant, the roads and races are open to all. Even the lame (literally) runners like me. Hehe.

Sounds like I'm gonna have to invest in a laptop and wifi, huh? I wish I had had one while I was in Columbus the last few days. I feel so out of touch. Speaking of out of touch... I think I'll get to bed now with my honey. Nighty night. Have a good rest of your week.