Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm Still Here

Another week has passed since I posted. Yikes! It has been a busy week - my life right now until June 15. 

I only got in three runs this week and a 10 mile walk last Sunday. Thursday, Moira and I ran just about 4 miles. Unfortunately, my Nike+ was a little off and said we ran 3.23 miles in 38 minutes, meaning an average of 11 minute miles. We ran most of my 4 mile loop so the mileage was off. Moira's leg was hurting but I don't think she could run that slowly. And I was breathing too hard to run at that pace. 

I went out and calibrated the Nike+ yesterday with a mile run and then ran another 3 miles and the pace was a bit faster. 

This morning, I ran my first 5K of the season in 25:53, according to the Nike+ (I've mentioned it so many times, should I be getting paid? Ha!) They didn't have a timer so I don't really know how accurate everything was. Oh well. It is the first year for this 5K and hopefully it was beneficial to the cause - autism. The best part - I came in second! I won't tell you out of how many. Ok, there weren't that many of us. But, I was still second! 

Tomorrow is Kate's dance performance of Alice in Wonderland. She's very excited. Hopefully all of our electronics will work and I'll be able to post some of it here. She got an early birthday present of new tights and a skirt. She's getting a camera tomorrow when we celebrate with family after the program. She might not end up getting anything on her actual birthday on Tuesday. 

Emily has now crawled up on my lap to "read" books and snuggle while I try to get some editing done. Have a great weekend! 


Nikki said...

Please post some of the performance. Lili would LOVE to see it!! (me too!)

Mom on the Run said...

We just got home from our day in South Bend. So nice to be in civilization again but I am exhausted. The dance was so cute (unfortunately, Kate put on her own lipstick so her lips are a little fuller than normal.) We now have some new dress up clothes as well. Too cute! I'll get something up in the next couple of days.

Rick said...

Hey! Congratulations on the 5K! Second is second, even if there were only two of you running.

I came in 3rd in my age group in my first 5K - out of 5! LOL

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Have a good week.

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks Rick. You just gotta love those smaller races.

I think Kate had a good 7th birthday. It was a busy day wrapped up with a trip to the local root beer stand for dinner.

Hope your week is going well. How was the MRI?

Rick said...

No clear news yet. The MRI has to be read by a radiologist yet and then reported to my family doc, who I do not have a lot of confidence in. He is new to us and our former doc - who moved to INDY daggoneit! - was SO much better AND... a marathon runner! Poo! Anyway, I had asked the MRI tech if she would tell me if she noted anything on the MRI when she took it (they aren't supposed to comment on them, just defer to the radiologist), which she agreed to do, but said she did not note anything out of the ordinary. I will certainly blog the findings when I get them. Thanks so much for asking.

Sounds like the end to a good day... I love root beer stands.

Mom on the Run said...

The wait has got to be driving you nuts. Hang in there. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Rick said...

Thanks so much. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. :)