Friday, April 4, 2008

The Presidential Campaign has Come to Indiana - aurgh!

The political ads have started here in Indiana - we have a democratic primary for the governor and president coming up in May. Who'd of thought this would have still been going on now (certainly not Michigan and Florida!)

Anyway, I really dislike election years. The crap that is thrown around, the comments of "I hate negative political ads" but they do it because they work, etc. The junk in the mail, the empty promises, the egos - I'm really here to serve you, yet in all truth, I'm here to serve myself. And don't get me started on the voters. See the bigger picture people and don't believe all of the crap the politicians are serving you on their impeccably decorated, buffet tables!

Mind you, there are good people serving us - the only thing is they don't seem to hang around (because they get voted out or have had their fill).

Can you tell I'm disgusted? What got this started this morning? I saw an Obama commercial, followed by a Jill Long Thompson (for governor) commercial - oh, it's going to be a long month!!! Thankfully, we got rid of cable about five years ago and watch more videos and DVDs than anything else.

There's another one!! Argh!!!

Okay, and I'm procrastinating. I have one chapter to edit, it's been hanging over my head all week and, while I just want to get it done, I'm stuck.

I'm sorry for this rampage! Today should get much better (once I figure out what I'm going to do with this one chapter - Steve Runner would like it as it is on wine - which, by the way, I actually saw Blueberry Ale at a Meijers in Grand Rapids!). I'm helping a friend with her daughter's wedding and we're meeting with the caterer today along with filling the favor boxes and ordering invitations. It should be fun!

Hopefully I'll get a run in, too.

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Rick said...

I'm with you on the politics stuff and the empty promises from empty people just looking to serve themselves. And, the negative ads. I think campaign reform should include rules that don't allow candidates to speak of other candidates... only what their own platform, programs, and plans are, and what they have accomplished and their own merits. It'll never happen though.

You edit books?