Friday, April 4, 2008

A Whirlwind Day

Holy cow! I went from spazzing out about politicians this morning to spazzing out about a wedding that is two months away.

My great friend and daughter's preschool teacher asked me to help with her daughter's wedding. We spent the better part of today meeting with the caterer, ordering invites, hammering down details, making notes, taking notes, making phone calls, filling party favors - oh, my goodness - I'm seeing my future!!! (your's too, Rick :-0) It really is a lot of fun and I get to spend time with my friend.

Now, it is off to make some pizza dough so we can have dinner a little later and, while it is rising, I'm going out for a run with Jodi and Confessions of a Runner.

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Rick said...

No idle hands for you, eh?!? What a lovely friend you are to jump right in with all that planning.

That will come all too soon for us as well. Man! Our oldest will be a senior next year and I can still remember my trepidations and fears driving her home from the hospital after she was born like it was last week! Sigh.