Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Depressing Day

The town we live in is wonderful, however, people either stay here forever or they leave after just a couple of years. You kind of get used to people coming and going, but it has really begun to bother me. Especially today because I have to say goodbye to two great friends of mine who also happened to be Emily's preschool teachers.

I've known Susan since 2002 when I was her son's admissions counselor at the private high school in town. We struck up a friendship and when I was preparing her for registration, I told her not to worry, we would have Kleenex. That phrase stuck and we've been able to provide Kleenex for each other on random occasions, she for me when Emily started preschool and I for her on her daughter's wedding day. She's watched my girls grow up and was the first person, outside of my parents, to babysit for Emily when she was just a month old. Well, actually, she took care of Kate and her husband Kent held Emily the whole night. We said a quick goodbye this morning before any tears could start, knowing that the girls and I will drive down to Indy in the next few weeks to see her before she joins her husband at Tusculum College where he is joining the football coaching staff.

The other friend I have to say goodbye to is Kimberly. She came to town two years ago and has a daughter Kate as well. They were in dance together and participated in Alice in Wonderland back in April. Kimberly is returning to North Carolina (her home state) where her husband will pastor a church, she will teach kindergarten and return to earn her master's degree at Duke. She is a riot and can make me laugh so quickly. She just had her first book published, Tales from a Pastor's Wife (which reminds me I have to find my copy so I can get her to sign it before she leaves tomorrow). Anyway, she has educated us on the southern ways and had us in tears laughing. Apparently, you can say something bad about someone but if you follow it with "Bless her heart" it cancels it out.

I'm going to miss both of these women dearly. The only positive is I scored a bed frame for the girls and some wicker furniture from Kimberly for the cottage (they couldn't fit it in the pod), and a fridge full of food from Susan. I'd rather keep my friends here. :-(


Nikki said...

I didn't know Kimberly was leaving too!! How sad! Who's going to be at preschool next year?

Anyway, I'M still here!! Although after the price that house got yesterday-----------
:) :) :) :)


Rick said...

Very sorry to read of the leaving of your friends, Karen. I'm confident the Lord will fill the void for you though. ;-)