Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a Cool Weekend!

The girls and I headed up to Grand Rapids Friday afternoon. We left later than I had hoped thanks to some phone calls and laundry, but it is just as well because a line of severe storms went through the area between us and Grand Rapids and, had we left when I had hoped, we would have been in the middle of them. 

I ended up getting three hours of sleep thanks to the chapters I am STILL trying to edit. I'm closer to being done but they are still hanging over my head and I hate that feeling. Got up at 8:30 am Saturday morning and headed out for a run in the heat and humidity. I ended up running/walking 4 miles and then got home.

We all got ready to head to Grand Haven for my great-aunt's memorial service. We saw my mom's two cousins who I don't think I've seen since I was in elementary school. In a way, it was a little surreal because you really don't feel like you've aged but man, people are getting old! Thankfully, my mom's family has really, and I mean REALLY good genes. While my grandpa passed away when he was in his late 70s, my grandma is still alive and she just turned 96, her sister died last summer at the ripe old age of 104 (a week before her 105th birthday) and Aunt Marion was in her 90s I believe. 

The service was wonderful, very joyous with fond memories shared by both the chaplain and one of her sons. I didn't see her very often but was always fond of her because she was so much fun! She was quite unconventional in that she married someone 9 years older than her. He passed away in 1954 and she packed up her three boys and moved to Florida. She worked various jobs, the longest of which was as a waitress for over 20 year at the same restaurant. 

At the end of his talk, her son said that for the first time in a long time, she had received a tax refund and a stimulus check so everyone was invited to Fricano's, a local pizza place, that evening for dinner, her treat. 

We were a little late getting there so ended up sitting at a second table (there were over 30 people there) . We were waiting for our pizza and out of the corner of my eye, I see a little girl standing up on her chair. She sat down and I didn't think anything more about it until someone is standing next to me saying my name. I look up, and it is one of my best friends from high school who I haven't seen or really talked to in almost 15 years! She was there with her husband, in-laws, and daughter (the one standing on the chair). We did some catching up and hopefully rekindled our friendship. She lives on the same side of town as my parents and teaches kindergarten. I'm tempted to move up to Ada just so Emily can be in her class. Okay,  that probably won't happen but I know she is a wonderful teacher!

So, all in all, a really neat time up north! Probably to make up for the craziness yet to happen this week. Six days and counting before the wedding - thankfully, I think things are somewhat under control. I just keep trying to breath deeply and not go into panic mode. The four-mile run (yes, run, no walking!!!!!) helped to.

Have a great week!


Rick said...

So, whatcha been up to lately? Tammy, her mom, my mom, her aunt and aunt's friend traveled to Crapshewana... err, Shipshewana, IN today. Made me think of you, my Hoosier friend. What is a Hoosier anyway?!?

Mom on the Run said...

Hey! Sorry, can't help you with the Hoosier question. I'm not sure if anyone knows for certain what a Hoosier is. Another one of those crazy Indiana things.

So you survived Shipshewana? It has been a long time since I've been there - we used to drive through it when my parents took me to Taylor U. via the country roads.

Been busy as of late but on "vacation" at least for a couple of days in Grand Haven. Ah, a breath of fresh air.

How's the leg doing?

Rick said...

Enjoy the vacation. That whole side of the state is so lovely. Too bad it cooled down so much.

The leg is slowly healing. It felt really good Monday morning after being able to wear my brace for the full three days prior. The point tenderness at the suspected fracture site is about half of what it was as well. So, slowly, but surely, it seems to be healing. I just have to remain patient and, try not to gain too much more weight before I am able to get active again! Ha!

Thanks for asking, Karen. Enjoy your break!