Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Survived!

The wedding is done. Ben and Kelly are married and on their honeymoon in Cancun. Hallelujah!

I wish I had had my Garmin on to see how far I actually walked/ran on Saturday. Actually, by Monday morning, my body hurt worse than it did after either one of my marathons - but I didn't have to do a full out barefoot sprint across a yard to retrieve wedding rings.

Yes, the groom forgot to grab the rings and as I was giving the third bridesmaid the cue to go down the aisle, the bride tells me they don't have the rings and that they are in the car. Her dad is out in front of the church getting the key out of his pocket (thankfully his wife didn't have it or we would have been in trouble). I grabbed it, kicked off my cute shoes, sprinted to the car, sprinted back, got the rings out and sent the bride and her dad on their merry way. The father of the bride passed off the rings, along with his daughter, to the groom.

The other highlight of the night was cutting the cake. It was the messiest job and we had cake and icing everywhere and were laughing hysterically while three of us were cutting.

So there are the wedding highlights and I'm done with that short lived career. Now it is back to spending time with my husband and kids, editing, and running in preparation for Grand Rapids.

I'm still not completely sure which training plan I'm going to use. I have the Hansons Moderate consistent program written down in my dayplanner and it starts this Thursday with a six mile run. I ran six yesterday really without a problem - it was a slow six but felt good. It helped that we're up in Grand Haven, Mich. and there are too many beautiful places to run. Not sure if I'll get a run in tonight - I have a ton of work to get done. I'll be out tomorrow morning, though, and I'm looking forward to it.

Have a great week.


Rick said...

Great location and weather for your runs, Karen. Enjoy your time away.

Rick said...

Everytime I read the title of this post I think of the Gloria Gaynor song, "I Will Survive." LOL