Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Postponed Long Run

I didn't do my long run Sunday. I should have because I was in a pretty bad mood all day, but we were out late watching fireworks and then I came home and worked for an hour or two. Saturday night, my right quad started hurting, too. I think I did something to it as I was "sprinting" into the finish Saturday morning.

So, I took the day off and did my 12 mile long run last night. I got started around 6:30 pm, running two miles in town and then I headed out to run around the lake. The east shore is pretty hilly and last year, I spent a lot of time walking them rather than running. This year, I ran them all and felt good. Steve and the girls met me around mile 7 and replenished my water supply. That was the first time I walked on the run. I walked two more times but both times were pretty brief.

By the time I got back into town, I had one more mile to go so I ran to the gas station, filled up on water and walked home. I was thrilled to look at my watch and see if finished the run in 1:59:57. I averaged 9:59 minute miles on my longest run this season. My thigh felt fine, just my feet were tired. I have a new pair of Saucony's that are a little bigger than my previous pair and I'm wondering if they are a little too big. They don't have quite as much padding, either. I think they reformulated them a bit.

I took Tuesday off again, mainly because Kate and I went to the Deep River Water Park with our church and I was worn out and sunburned. Kate amazed me as she was quite the daredevil. After going with me on the first slide, she didn't mind going on her own and she went down the highest, fastest waterslide in the park. It was a really fun day.

Back to reality today - I have the second half of a book to put me to sleep - oh, I mean edit, a six mile run to complete, and the car is being repaired. Ah, summer!!

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KellyH said...

wow. 9:59 for all 12 miles! That's awesome. Way to go. Sounds like postponing the run for a few days was a good idea.