Friday, August 22, 2008

First Runs Completed

The kid's marathon has officially started at our house with the first mile completed.

Emily and I went out before I did my run. I found out that Emily prefers skipping to running and we had to make a couple of sit down stops. About a quarter of a mile away from home she said she was thirsty and wondered if Daddy was going to bring us water like he and the girls do when I'm off on my long runs. I told her we could ask him when we got home. Overall, we finished in just under 20 minutes.

Kate and I went out after my 8 mile run. We ended up walking a block and running a block and finished in about 15 minutes. Apparently, I am not a good shoe fitter as she is already complaining that her new tennis shoes (about a week old) hurt her toes. It is the same way with the other shoes I got her. Guess we'll be investing another pair.

Only 25.2 miles left...

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