Saturday, September 27, 2008

Get Out the Masks

Yesterday morning, I awoke to hear the dreaded sounds of germs invading our house. Emily woke up with a cough that sounded more like a seal, a runny nose, and slight fever. This morning, Kate woke up with similar symptoms. I hate it when my kids share! 

All this just as my taper is about to begin. One 16 mile run tomorrow and I will be heading down the slippery slope towards marathon day. We'll see how it goes - I did 8 miles today and had to walk a decent portion of it thanks to a bad side stitch that would not go away.  

I'm starting to plan for marathon day. We went to South Bend this evening to get a new pair of running shoes on the ready. I ended up getting a pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence. They are similar cushioning wise to my Saucony's but fit just a bit better as they are a little more narrow through the arch of the shoe. The lady that helped me confirmed what I had felt, that the Saucony's were too wide. However, she suggested putting in inserts which really helped. She also added some inserts in the arch on the Adidas so we'll see how those feel next week on some shorter runs. 

After we were done at the running store, we went over to Outpost Sports to check out bikes. Steve started asking questions about sizing and the saleslady had me get on and off several bikes. Unfortunately, my hips were a bit sore from this morning's run to really lift the leg up and over the bar so it was not a graceful site. 

To top it off, she was going back and forth on whether a woman's bike or men's bike would fit me better and commented (nothing new to me) that I had really long arms and long legs so a men's bike might be the way to go. She added, not to make you feel bad. All I could think was, well, I'm currently wearing men's running shoes, so I guess a men's bike probably wouldn't matter. 

Well, off to get the humidifier going for my sick ones. Here's hoping for a good night's sleep. 


Rick said...

Hmm, sounds like you're going to need a new profile picture. :D Sounds like your taper has come none too soon. Hang in there. So, what's this biking business all about?!? Hehe.

Hope Kate and Emily get over their ickies soon.

Mom on the Run said...

A picture of the man length arms and legs? Oh! You mean the new shoes. Yes, that will be coming. I took the current picture before I ran/walked the 2007 Chicago Heat-athon. I'll take a new picture this year.

Steve's starting to get more serious about biking and it would be a nice thing to do together. Plus, I think I would like to tackle some triathalon (sp?) It won't happen in my current biking situation.

Thanks for the well wishes for the girls. They are still coughing but hopefully well enough to go to school.

Rick said...

Yes, the shoes, silly! I forget that you ran what will go down as one of the most grueling marathons in the history of marathons. I wouldn't mind doing a tri someday too, but I have like a 20 year old Huffy 10 speed (which are plenty for me incidentally), and I sink like a stone in the water. Must be all the muscle mass! BAH! I kill me!

Mom on the Run said...