Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the Taper Madness Begin - Brawhahaha

The last long run is over! Took 2 hours 30 minutes for 16 miles. I did my 6 mile loop in town. Stopped home, used the bathroom, grabbed the fuel belt, popped a blister on my toe, and headed for the 10 mile loop around the lake. 

Steve and the girls met me around mile 13 to refill the water bottle. It came none to soon. I was hurting - my left knee was sore. I stretched a little and was on my way. I love it when they meet me because after they turn around, they pass me with the windows open and there is plenty of "Go, Mom!!" coming from the back seat boosters.

Now I'm home, showered, warmed up, and awaiting the beginning of Amazing Race.


Rick said...

Yeah! Karen! GR here you come! It's so awesome having someone spur you on on a long run, especially your kids. Everything good other than the knee?

Mom on the Run said...

Everything's good on the other knee. I think the body's just aching for a rest. Thanks for checking and all of your encouragement!!!!!

Kelly H. said...

Congrats on your long run. Enjoy your taper!

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks Kelly!