Saturday, September 20, 2008

How Fast? Just Kidding

Today, I went 31.64 miles in 2 hours, 22 minutes! That's a 4:30 per minute mile!!!

I know, in my dreams. I was on a bike, not on foot. We participated in the Nappannee Apple Festival ride. It was a relatively flat country roads course through Amish country, past beautiful, simple homes, immaculate yards and gardens, and very kind people who waved as we rode past.

I rode my sister-in-law's bike which was kind of like riding in my father-in-law's old Buick. The shock absorbers made you feel like you were floating over bumps. Steve, who has more of a racing bike asked if I even felt the bumps. I did, even through the padded seat and padded shorts.

I tried to push myself a couple of times as this replaced my 10 mile run today. I tried to keep the bike in the harder gears and towards the end, managed to pass a horse and buggy on an incline - I got in the groove.

At the end of the ride, there was amazing apple pie (the kind with the thick crust, chunks of apples, and cinnamon crumb topping) along with homemade ice cream. Oh, was it delicious.

Tomorrow, it's back to running, but today was really a nice break. Steve's investigating races for us to ride in October.

The Grand Rapids Marathon is just one month from today!

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