Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In Honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Argh, me hardies! Yes it is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ironically, I have a story to share that relates to pirates.

Our whole family run was on the run Tuesday. Emily had dance, then it was off to South Bend for the girls' yearly checkup, then dinner with my mom who drove down from Grand Rapids, a stop at Target (ahhhh! Got my fix!), and Dick's Sporting Goods.

On the way to Hacienda to meet my mom for dinner, Emily starting talking in a pirate voice, which is just funny to begin with. This deep "Argh, me hardies" coming from this little 30 something pound, 4 year old just doesn't seem right. We played along and laughed. When we got out of the car, we saw this...

Usually, the girls don't really color on their Polly Pockets so we asked Em why she did it. She informed us that Polly wanted an eye patch.

On the running front, there's nothing new to report. Still running, skipped my strength workout Wednesday because time wise, I couldn't fit it in. Yesterday, ran 9 and struggled with breathing. I think the weed allergens have risen because I had to stop several times to walk and calm down. Today, I have to run 6. I should do it this morning while Emily is at preschool but I really just want to have some time at home by myself and do some cleaning.

Tomorrow, Steve and I are joining his sister on the Apple Festival bike ride. We're going to ride 30 miles around Nappanee, Indiana. I figured a little cross training would be good and while it may not be the intensity of my normal 10 mile runs, I have a feeling I'm not going to have the energy to come home and do 10.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Rick said...

Cute Emily and Polly Pocket pirate story. Are you able to take anything for your allegies that will help with your breathing on your training runs? Nappanee, that's like one of the RV making capitals of the world, isn't it? Hope you had a nice dinner and visit with yer mum.

You have a good weekend as well and I hope you get some relief from your allergies. Keep training strong... GR is right around the corner. ;)

Mom on the Run said...

Hey Rick! I've got one prescription and an inhaler. I've been spoiled with the rain because it has kept all of the pollen down. Now that things have dried out, it is back. Sadly, I kind of hope that it freezes before the marathon to get rid of the pollen, although even it if doesn't, my allergies are gone by October. I may try the inhaler today before I go out to see if it helps.

It was good to see my mom. My dad has been in China for the the olympics and paraolympics since August and comes back Saturday. She was hoping to spend more time down here but wasn't able to get away so we settled for dinner.

Four weeks to GR!!!