Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lowell? Huh?

Well, we aren't getting slammed like they are in Galveston and Houston but apparently we in northern Indiana are getting the remnants of Tropical Depression Lowell. Who ever heard of Lowell?? And what happened to the storm that starts with a K? We have flood watches and it has been raining pretty consistently since Friday morning. It looks like we may get remnants of Ike in about 33 hours. Selfishly, this isn't good for running.

I went out last night around 5 pm in a light rain. About 3/4 of a mile into it, I looked at the sky to the south and it was dark. Crud, I still had 6 1/4 miles left and was going to go south around the west side of the lake. By the time I was at 2 miles, the rain was really coming down. I was right next to the lake and couldn't see the mile or two across to the other side thanks to the rain.

I thought about turning around at 6 and heading home but figured I was already wet, might as well finish it. Thankfully, I did put the iPod in a ziplock bag it was dry and my earbuds stayed dry so I had something to listen to in addition to the squishing sound my shoes made.

I finished in about 1:05 I think, with two quick walking breaks. M

I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get in 8 today. Maybe I'll do 4 this morning and 4 this evening. I guess I should get moving if that is going to happen.

We're heading to a friend's house this afternoon to watch the ND v. Michigan game. She invited a bunch of us over in hopes of having a few more ND fans because her husband is a Michigan fan. She's not getting any help from us. Steve is an anyone but Notre Dame fan and I'm from Michigan. So, go blue!!!


Nikki said...

GO ND!! :P
No wonder we're getting out of here.

Rick said...

GO BLUE! Indeed! Well, I'm a Michigan State alum, but grew up a Michigan fan and... a non-ND fan. So, GO BLUE!

These rain runs have been pretty fun I thought. Looks like we best be getting used to them for the next several days.

Rick said...

*cough* So, that's what crow tastes like?!?

Rick said...

How's the legs? I read your comment on Kirsten's blog. Did you get your long run in?

Mom on the Run said...

There was plenty of exuberance from the host and only ND fan. I've avoided the news here.

Got the run in and the legs are holding up - just tired and a little stiff now. Sitting with ice on one and covered with a blanket to keep warm. I'm ready for bed but it'll be while. Thank for checking.