Monday, September 15, 2008

Delayed 16 Miler

I decided to give myself a break yesterday and stay inside. It was pouring rain outside for the better part of the day courtesy of Ike (the girls had a blast playing in the rain). My legs were also strangely sore from Friday evening's soaker run. My left ankle and right shin were not feeling right and I was getting a case of taper madness/panic early. I think the day off and shorter run Saturday helped a lot.

So after going to the dentist this morning, I got home in time to pick Emily up from preschool, play for bit and hit the road. It was cool here today and mostly overcast so I put on a long sleeve shirt with my shorts. I did my 6 mile loop in town and stopped home to change shirts because I was too warm. I grabbed my water belt and headed out for the 10 mile loop around the lake.

Steve and Emily met me at mile 13 with a water refill and PowerBar (the tropical fruit smoothie ones are really good). I was feeling pretty good and Steve commented that I was looking good. I was just thankful there were only 3 miles left. The legs were holding up but my arms were sore.

When I finished, I could believe my eyes. I finished 16 miles in 2:30:58!!! Holy cow! All of my miles averaged under 10 minutes and that is a first!! The training plan and workouts with M are really working.

It's almost 10 pm now and I feel like a zombie. I have ice on my ankle just as a precaution. It will probably migrate over to the other leg here shortly. I also have a chapter of editing to do on computer networking. I don't understand it so it will be a loonngg chapter. Better get to work. :-)


Rick said...

Nice job on your 16 miler! I pray the legs hold up for you, Karen. Keep up the good work.

BTW, that Michigan game really hurt Saturday. Ugh. My Spartans won though. I think they played some highschool team or something. :D

Mom on the Run said...

Thanks for the prayers, Rick. I'm glad to see you are back out on the road - that is great!

I'm so sorry about Michigan. Looks like it may be a long season. I love your comment about State - too funny!!!