Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Smile

With Kate home all week, she has been spending time on the computer. While I was picking up Kate's friend from school, she wrote the following e-mail to my husband. For background, Steve's office is right above the living room and, with wood floors, you can hear almost everything.

Dear Steve, Hi Steve! I Love you as big as the sky! Your chair is making noise. Stop bending backward it is Enoying and Noisy! Mommy is going to come back with Allie. OK ! O yes I olmost forgot I Ioved
you as big as the sky! How much do you love me ? Love ,Katherine

Can they just stay this little? Please!!


Kelly H. said...

That is precious.

Jennifer :-) said...

That is SO sweet! I wish they stayed that way - I have a 14 year old, so I can tell you to enjoy it while they are still that sweet! :-)

Nikki said...

Awww! Let's hope she's still sending emails like that from college!!
So cute.