Wednesday, October 15, 2008

T Minus 5 Days and Counting

Yes, five days before the marathon. I'm trying to hydrate and eat a little more, although probably not the right things (I made cinnamon bread and pumpkin scones today - they are good!) but still not getting as much sleep as I should.

Steve got me Ultramarathon Man and 50 /50, both by Dean Karnazes for my birthday and I've been doing a lot of reading. It is kind of nice just to read and not have to look for mistakes, missing words, or unfinished thoughts. I'm almost done with the first book and the man is a machine!!! I don't think I foresee any ultras in my future

After skipping Saturdays eight mile run, I did get in eight on Monday, six on Monday, and five yesterday. Each of them were tough. I didn't feel fresh and speedy, instead, I struggled through and couldn't get a deep breath. Yesterday, though, I was relieved/surprised to see my average pace was under 9 minutes/mile. I felt a little bit better.

Right now, the forecast for Sunday looks like 60 degrees and some showers. I liked yesterday's forecast of 56 and sunny better :-) It is out of my control so I guess I'm not going to worry about it right now. Maybe tomorrow when I start getting my stuff together. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm going to wear, probably my pink Nike Tech shirt, my light as a feather C9 shorts, and my fabulous orange, purple, and fuchsia flora bandanna that reminds me of one of my grandma's scarves.

I had to include a picture from Emily's field trip to the pumpkin patch this morning. After a battle of wills on what to wear (she is all about skirts, tights, and capris and I was insistent on long pants) that included several rounds of tears, she and Steve headed off on the preschool field trip. They got to ride a hay wagon out to the pumpkin fields and pick out whatever pumpkin they wanted. There was also a hay maze to play in and a sandbox filled with corn. A fun field trip had by all.


Kelly H. said...

Ah! Good luck in 5days! I can't wait for the report. Ah field trips, what fun.

Rick said...

Thinking about ya and will be praying for you, Karen. I'm kinda surprised you have done so many miles this week. I hope you are to take it easy from here on out. Sounds like a good ensemble as far as what you have picked out to wear for the race. I was hoping I would be able to make it up there for the race, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. :(
I kinda self-destructed last week in being over-zealous in my running. I benched myself again for a little while. I'll blog the story sometime when I have the time and ambition. Anyway, sorry for the long-windedness... just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you and praying for you. Remember... Phillipians 4:13.

Kirsten said...

How are you doing today? I'm thinking of everyone getting ready for GR and wishing you great weather and a fantastic race day!

Kelly H. said...


Mom on the Run said...

Thanks Kelly!!!

Rick, where have you been? I hope all is well and the benching won't last too long. Thank you for the encouragement!

Kirstin, I'll be looking for you, DS, the HTFU sign, and listening for the cowbell :-)