Saturday, October 18, 2008

T Minus 11 Hours - Thank You and Yipee!!!

First of all, thank you for all the well wishes, encouragement, and prayers. Many of you have been in the same spot I'm in right now and you probably know all the thoughts going through the old noggin. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!

We're up in Grand Rapids. We got in last night, dropped the kids at my parents house and Steve and I went to see Spirit of the Marathon. Afterward, we went out for something to eat - I was starving and had carbo-loading on my mind. So, after downing a whole individual Florentine Pizza and loving every bit of it, we headed back to my parents. The girls were still up at 10:45 pm and really didn't fall asleep until almost midnight.

I went out for three miles this morning. It was really weird how three miles seemed so daunting. Hello - you're running 26.2 miles tomorrow!!!

Picked up the race packet and then Steve and I drove around to check out the route and figure out where the spectator spots are. It looks like it is a nice, scenic route on a lot of tree lined trails. The colors are gorgeous right now so it should be beautiful.

We just got home from going out to dinner. Found a nice pasta dish with shrimp.

I have my stuff all laid out and ready to go. The weather should be just right, 40s to 50s and sunny.

I'm off to bed.

Thank you again!!!


Jennifer :-) said...

Best of luck to you!! Can't wait to read your race report - I'm getting SO anxious reading everyone's reports, and my marathon is 2 months away! :-)

Kelly H. said...

Ah! Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Kirsten said...

How did it go? What a great day to be a marathoner in GR, though it was a bit nippy for spectating. I still don't know how women run in belly-baring sports bras and shorts when it's so nippy. I would have at least had on short sleeves!


Thought about you and hoped you were having a great race. My friend ran his first today and finished just under 4:05. I'm so proud of him!


Mom on the Run said...

Thank you Jennifer, Kelly, and Kirstin. I'm working on the report.

Kirstin, congrats to your friend! He must have been just ahead of me. I don't think I ever saw you although every time I heard a cowbell, I would look to see who was ringing it. I love the signs you made - saw the pictures on your blog.

It was definitely a perfect day for running. Thankfully, I wasn't one of those in the sports bras