Monday, October 6, 2008

That's Life...

Less that two weeks to go before Grand Rapids. I looked at my running schedule today and did a big sigh. I have to do 10 tonight because I didn't get it in yesterday, 8 tomorrow, and then strength work Wednesday. I should have run this morning and maybe I wouldn't be complaining now.

Life has taken over running today. Kate has been sick since last Saturday and running a low fever for most of the time. She's had pneumonia twice in her 7 years of life (thankfully this round hasn't involved an ER trip or hospital stay) so that was in the back of my mind but both times before, her fevers have run over 101. She has been acting somewhat normal other than the fever and coughing. This morning, I assumed the fever was gone, she got ready for school and was happy to be going. Something made me take her temp and sure enough, 99.9. Time to head to the doctor.

We went this afternoon and sure enough, he listened to her lungs and one lobe has fluid - pneumonia (she calls it amonia). So, no school this week and really disgusting antibiotics. She hates taking medicine anyway so it will be a lovely week of bribery to get the stuff down.

While I love my small town, there are days when a larger one would be nice. Like when you go to the local pharmacy to fill prescriptions, wait 30 minutes, only to find out they don't have the stuff you need. The pharmacist was nice enough to call the pharmacy in the next town (where the doctor was) to confirm that they have it. So Steve went up to get the medicine and I'll go run when he returns.

On the bright side, it is a little warmer this evening than it would have been this morning to run. Time to load the iPod.


Kelly H. said...

How'd the run go? That's a lot of miles. Hope your daughter feels better soon. No school for a week? Poor thing!

Kelly H. said...

And, it wasn't an 8minute shave off, I guess for that course it was. But my previous PR in that distance was 30:43. Still... an improvement. Sorry I just read your comment to my post. Thanks for stopping by.

Rick said...

Keep yourself healthy. You got a race to run. :)

Hope all's well otherwise.