Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Interupt This Running Blog for Baseball

The rest of the post is about my running but it probably isn't as interesting as this.

Allow me to brag on my brother for a moment. He is the head video photographer for the NBC affiliate in San Antonio and he, the sports anchor/reporter, and editor won an Emmy for a story they did on the family of Mike Coolbaugh. Coolbaugh was a coach for the minor league Tulsa Drillers and was killed on July 22, 2007 when he was hit by a line drive. You can watch the story here and read about it here.

By the way, congrats to Joe of Blue Dawgs Running and his Phillies on their World Series win.

And now, back to the regular stuff...

I got in two runs while we were in Grand Haven. The weather wasn't the greatest, rainy and cold, but Friday evening the weather broke and I got out, after test riding and purchasing a new bicycle. This spring is going to be fun and fast! I literally got on the bike, peddled a little, and said "Okay, let's go!" I don't know if it was sitting in a car all day or what but I wanted to get on the open road and push myself to a really good sweaty workout. Unfortunately, it was getting dark fast so we needed to get back.

Saturday, we went to my cousin's wedding. I'm the oldest cousin of something like 25 and there is a big group of 20-somethings so I'm sure the weddings will be coming fast and furious. It is nice, though, as it is one time we get to see each other.

Sunday was incredibly windy and there was a low, constant roar of the waves. Steve went out and took some pictures on the beach and talked to some of the guys out surfing. Yes, you can surf on Lake Michigan.
Initially, I wasn't going to go out and run but I knew I would regret it if I didn't so I headed out into the wind. I ran up 5-Mile Hill, which isn't a five mile climb but high enough that you can see it from five miles out on the lake. It is still a good climb. Then I did a small loop around downtown, completing about a 3.5 mile loop.

I hit the Fitness Center twice this week and hit the elliptical machine hard. I'll go today but probably won't fit it in tomorrow with Halloween. Saturday, I'm going to do a small 5K a family from our church puts on.

I guess I haven't been sticking to that no running. The legs are feeling good until I knock my shins on something. (duh, that would hurt, wouldn't it?)

Time to hit the editing. It is the first time in about two months that I have something to work on other than pieces of computer books.


Joe S said...


Thank you. The best thing about the Phillies winning the World Series last night was the game was over at 10 o'clock!!!!! LOL The city is going crazy. Dogs hugging cats. People politely letting cars in on the interstates. Obama supporters hugging McCain supporters. I mean, just crazy!!!!

Congrats to your brother as well. Something I'm sure you and your family are very proud of.

--Joe S

Kirsten said...

Dood...5 mile hill--you are hardcore! I wish I lived closer to GH so that I could use that for hill workouts. I'd be unstoppable on hills after that!

What kind of bike did you get? I really would like a roadie someday. DH has a very nice one, but he also rides thousands of miles/year, so he's getting his money's worth.

Mom on the Run said...

Joe, That has got to be so much fun! And, yes, crazy if Obama and McCain supporters are hugging each other. They need to be the example - can't we all just get along? :-)

Kirsten, I've kind of been trying to run up 5-mile hill each time we get up to GH for the last three summers (or the length of time I've been running). I don't remember if I was able to run it last summer, maybe once really slowly. It's kind of been a gauge of improvement. Although, I go up the south fork which may be a little easier than the north one.

I ended up going to Rock-n-Road in GH and getting a Giant road bike. I'm going to have to get in a lot of miles as well to get my money's worth but my husband is getting more and more into cycling and I'm hoping to try my hand at Tri's next summer.

Hope the freeze is helping your allergies.

Rick said...

Congratulations to your brother, Karen! That's awesome! Tragic story they had to report on though.

That pic Steve took is wicked, both in it's natural fury and as an artistic photo. Certainly depicts well how riled Lake Michigan can get and makes me appreciate the 5 straight days of calm water we had on the lake back in August even more! I don't think my little 17 footer would fare well on that surf. Yikes! Though, I have been out in rough seas like that before on Lake Erie. It was the only time in 38 years on the Great Lakes that I was in fear for my life.

Take it easy on yourself. I'm like a worried big brother given the probems that I have experienced with my own running and injury. I know you are probably much more wiser than I though. ;)

I've been blog stalking, just haven't written anything on my own of late. I really should update it. Perhaps this weekend. I just haven't felt any blog-mojo of late, nor have I had any ideas for topics. Before it came easy and I couldn't wait to write out new thoughts on it. I must have writer's block or something?!?

Have a great weekend!

Mom on the Run said...

I love watching water and waves anyway - I just wish I would have spent more time taking it all in last week.

I really am trying to take it easy with the legs. There are times when I think they are fine, no pain, and then others when the pain is in one spot and burns a little - I remember the burning sensation when I broke my toe last fall. Steve is keeping me from running. Instead, I biked around the lake yesterday and, while it wasn't quite like running it, did get in a good workout. I'm just struggling with not wanting to lose the base I've been working on all summer.

I'm thinking about doing a spring marathon - you up for Toledo?