Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ba-roccoli Who?

This morning we're getting ready for church. The television has CBS Sunday morning on. There must have been another political ad on (I obviously wasn't around the remote or, regardless of who it is for, would have changed the channel or turned it off. I really liked it when Indiana didn't matter.) I'm not sure how it started but Kate came running upstairs to tell Steve that four-year-old Emily was supporting Barack Obama. Kate, of course, informs Steve that she is supporting John McCain, and has for quite some time.

So, Steve must have asked Emily who she was supporting and she said "Ba-roccoli Bama". Strange as it may seem, this kid likes broccoli, and Steve suggested that she would support anything that sounds like broccoli.

As for Kate, poor thing was dragged to so many political functions in her early life that it is just a part of her. Needless to say, you can probably tell which way we we will be voting this election day and this video pretty much explains why and that's all I'll say on this topic.

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Rick said...

Ba-roccolo. Hehehe. Hopefully the politically correct police won't come after poor Emily after the liberal media gets ahold of this bit of slander to poor Senator Obama! For shame! (I am, of course, joking.)