Monday, November 17, 2008

Spinning in Place and San Antonio

Today, I attended my first ever Spin Class. The Fitness Center just started the class last week and with the prospect of adding biking to my repertoire, I figured it would be a good work out. I was dripping with sweat within the first couple of minutes (it may also have been because of the long sleeve tech t-shirt and capri sweats that I wore - next time I'll be lightening up).

I am surprised that my legs are not that sore, although that may come tomorrow. I'll be back for more but will have to wait until next Monday unless I want to go to the 6 am class. Considering I'm struggling to get up by 7:10 am to get Kate off to school, it may not be an option. Then again, it might be worth it.

On another note, I talked to my Emmy-winning brother this afternoon. Now, not only is he an Emmy-winner, he and his wife are half-marathoners! Keith and Michelle completed the Rock-n-Roll San Antonio Half Marathon! Yes, this is the same marathon in which Mar, from the great blog Shut It and Run BQ'd!

I didn't know they were going to do it, although I don't talk to them all that much. He told me all about the race. He was feeling it in his hips and knee. I asked him what his longest training run was and he said probably the 5 mile run he ran with me when they were here in August. No wonder he's hurting.

He shared that they were couch bums last night and tried to avoid going up the stairs as much as possible. At one point, he had to take their 3-year-old son up and Kameron wanted to be carried. Keith picked him up and took his first step up ginergly. After a couple more steps, Kam said, "Daddy, you're not walking, your waddling!"

So now he's wondering how he would do if he actually trained for a race. Hopefully we'll be able to run a race together sometime - maybe the 2010 Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.

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