Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pass It Along

Joe over at Blue Dawgs Running had a post about Anne Mahlum, a runner in Philadelphia who started Back on My Feet (BOMF), a non-profit that "promotes self-sufficiency of Philadelphia's homeless population by engaging them in running as a means to build confidence, strength, and self-esteem."

Anne has been nominated as a 2008 CNN Hero of the Year and you can see her story as well as vote for her here.

In his post, Joe talks about seeing a group of BOMF runners participate in a race he ran last February. He writes about them and the program much more eloquently than I could so please, take the time to read his post (put Joe on your list of must read blogs, too) and then vote for Anne.

And, pass it along.

P.S. Voting ends tonight at 6 pm. You only have 3 hours left.


Rick said...

Poo... I missed the deadline! How very cool though.

Mom on the Run said...

I almost did too! I didn't realize there was a deadline until I went and voted at 3 pm. Oops.

Joe S said...

My fault really. I didn't realize when the deadline was. Still, it's a great idea and, hopefully, more cities will pick up on this and start their own programs. Thanks for passing this information along.

--Joe S

Mom on the Run said...

I do love the idea. Thanks for sharing it.