Friday, December 26, 2008

Wii Workout and Totally 80s Flashback

We spent yesterday, Christmas, at Steve's sister's house. After brunch and opening presents, they turned on the Wii. We all bowled, bull raced, Mario car raced, and boxed. The overall boxing champion was Kate. She really got into as you can see in this video and she won the bout (Is that the correct term?)
Warning: You'll have to turn your video monitor sideways to see it (okay, maybe just your head) - I took the video with the camera and forgot you can't rotate it.

With all the Wii playing, Steve remembered his nephew and niece had his Atari 2600 at their house. Yes, THE Atari 2600. The one from the 1980s. The one that I always wanted but ended up with some other knockoff and PacMan imitation. So, last night, we left their house, tired and sore from playing Wii (Kate says she is really sore today), with the Atari and Steve's electric guitar in the back of the car.

Tonight, inspired by Wii Bowling, we got together with Steve's dad, sister and her family (even met my nephew's new girlfriend) and went bowling. What a riot! Kate and Emily had the bumpers and while they started out with the granny bowling form, worked their way up to a sidearm throw.

Now, Kate and Steve are sitting in front of the television playing Yar's Revenge and PacMan. Kate just made a comment on how it didn't look like the Wii...hmmm. I think we may have created a monster yesterday.


Rick said...

Heh! We got the Wii for the girls last Christmas. It can be addicting. I so wanted an Atari when I was a kid, but, like you, got a cheap knock-off, that just didn't cut it. I never had a Big Wheel either, which I feel has scared me psychologically for life. *Sigh*

Mom on the Run said...

Never had the Big Wheel either! Sigh!!