Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Warm Weather Ruined My Running Attitude

Yes, you read that right. The two runs outside made me not want to return to the treadmill this week when it got cold once again and left us with a couple of inches of snow this morning. 

I'm keeping my speed up but have been struggling through. Yesterday, against my better judgment, I brought Emily with me. About three miles into the run, she decided she needed to go to the bathroom, so off I got. Mind you, she really was very well behaved the entire time we were there, coloring, playing with her Bitty Baby, and "reading" (we established she couldn't last week) her Club House Jr. magazines. Honestly, I was thankful for the break. 

Today, I stopped at two miles to catch my breath and get a drink and stopped again at three miles for the same thing. I was only going four.

On the other hand, I haven't been getting a whole lot of sleep lately courtesy of an author who does a poor job of writing about writing. Hmmm...I'm not complaining, though. I have work. 

So if you have made it this far through the post, I have a question for you. Do you donate blood on a regular basis? Would you be willing to tell me why or why not and, if you do, what your experiences have been? Just leave a comment. 

I'm doing a little research for a blood services board I serve on.  I was supposed to do this a while ago and didn't so I figured I would use you as my research subject :-) Thanks in advance. 


Joe S said...

I used to give blood regularly. But, I contracted Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome) about 15 years ago and was told (then) that I couldn't give blood anymore because it will always be in my system. The symptoms never occurred again so I wonder if I could go back and give blood once more.

Kelly said...

I haven't dontated blood since college. Mostly cause I'm usually working on the days that they're doing a blood drive at my work. And also, my dad had Hep. C and I thought I heard from someone that my mom couldn't donate her organs when she died cause my dad had had that. So I figured the same applied to blood transfusions. I'm a nurse I really should research that. And, I'm an Oncology Nurse, I should really donate blood and platelets more often. Now I feel guilty.

Kelly said...

And by transfusions I meant donations. Sorry.

RunWesty said...

I donate regularly as I can, so I think I should. I have O+ and they usually are in need of it. I just try to do it around my running as it does slow me down a bit.

Mom on the Run said...

Thank you all for your input.

Joe and Kelly, I'll check into the different issues and see if there is anything new.

RunWesty, I'm your opposite with O-. Universal donors are a valuable commodity. I agree with the running schedule. I usually stay away near a race - they often don't want it then, too, as my iron drops.

Thanks again!