Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We've Been Hannah Montana'd

Didn't know Hannah Montana was a verb, huh? It is when your seven-year-old just opened up her Christmas presents from your brother and sister-in-law and now actually owns the Hannah Montana game and CD. 

We've avoided anything HM, with the exception of getting a DVD out of the library for a week and watching it kind of non-stop for that period of time (we haven't been able find it since...hmmm). 

On the other hand, I haven't seen Kate this excited since she got her Razor Scooter for Christmas. So, we'll be figuring out how to play the game. I think it involves dancing, singing, and making up lyrics...actually right up her alley. 

Got another good run in on the treadmill and ended up averaging 9:08 per mile, although the first mile was 9:40. By mile 3.5, I think I was under 9 minutes and finished the run at 8 min/mile. 

About half way through the run, though, my upper arms were aching and I couldn't figure out why. It hit me when I got home and started clearing snow from the sidewalk and driveway for the second time that it is all of the shoveling I've been doing. While we only have about 8 inches, I'm trying to keep things clear in hopes that when the sun actually does shine and the temperatures are close to freezing once again, that the residual snow/ice will melt quickly. 

We already have a 2 hour delay in the morning courtesy of the snow, wind, and cold temps. Not sure if I'm hoping for an all out snow day or not. At least we don't have to be up at the crack of dawn. Stay warm.

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