Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Run

Got the run in, after a couple of false starts.

I abandoned the first treadmill to go get my fat measured (strange experience getting pinched in your arm, thigh, bellybutton and waist), which was just fine because it was the one that I wanted to avoid. I ended up spending a couple of minutes talking with Fitness Center director. She asked if I had any experience in organizing a triathlon. I said no, but I organize the annual bike tour here. Well, now I may be helping to organize a triathlon, too. Unfortunately, it's the one I was planning on participating in. Maybe I'll be able to do both. We'll see.

By the time I got back to the original treadmill, someone else had taken it. The next one was taken and the third had a clean towel on it. I chanced the free treadmill as it was like that when I arrived and no one had used it. Started running and then realized maybe someone had been using it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a guy that usually uses this one. Knowing most of these people were probably there on their lunch hour, I hoped off and let him use it, thinking he had been there before.

After about 15 minutes on the elliptical, a treadmill opened up. Now, I was hitting the elliptical pretty hard, 230-240 reps so I was a little afraid of what this would do to my runs, especially as I've been struggling as of late.

Got on the treadmill and started it at 9:40/mile pace. I concluded the other treadmill I've been using definitely has an incline issue as I was feeling really good on this one. After one mile, I kicked up the speed to 9:30/mile. At 20 minutes and 2.03 miles, the thing went into cool-down mode, grrrr. I quickly grabbed a drink of water, hit the quick start and was on my way, this time at 9:22/mile.

By mile four, I was still feeling really good so I kicked it up to 9:00/mile. At 3.5 miles, I kicked it up again and then ran 8:00/mile pace for the last three minutes. The run definitely gave my some confidence back. It also helped that there was a guy next to me breathing rather loudly but at a good pace so I concentrated on keeping up with him for the last quarter of a mile.

Wait a second, I just remembered why I had such a good run. When I went to get my fat measured, I was asked how old I was. When I told her 37, she said, "Really? Wow, I thought you were like 28!" I found out she's the same age as I am and, honestly, I thought the same thing about her. I guess I was running on cloud 9, light as a feather.

I'm looking forward to running again tomorrow even though there probably won't be any compliments :-) I think today's may keep me going for a bit.

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Rick said...

Pfff... I thought you were like 26! Who knew?!? Nice to hear you're feeling well.