Friday, February 13, 2009

Same Ol' Stuff

Yep, you guessed it. There really isn't anything new around here - probably why I haven't been blogging.

I just got through a 6 mile run on the treadmill. I probably could have gone outside today as it was around 35 degrees but, unfortunately, it was easier to go over to the gym. I was happy with my speed as I kept bumping up the pace every mile. I listened to the Running to Disney podcast and watched any one of the three televisions set on MSNBC, ESPN, and CNN. I have to remember not to go at 1 pm so I don't have to watch the daily White House briefing.

I went spinning twice this week and can feel an improvement as far as that goes. I'm looking forward to picking up my bike in another month or two and hitting the road.

Tomorrow is my first 10 mile run in months. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to brave the outdoors and do the 10 mile route around the lake, which is still frozen, do two five mile loops around town or go to the gym around 2 pm and run there while What Not to Wear is on.

Tonight, Kate is going to a birthday party/sleepover and Emily is going to a babysitter for the evening. Steve and I are getting out of town to go out for dinner and maybe do some shopping - okay, at least get my Target fix, even if I don't buy anything. It will be nice to just be together and take a break from all the work we've been doing.

By the way, we now have beautiful floor joists in the soon to be laundry room/mudroom. And, other than an occasional can, I have stayed away from Diet Coke. Now I just need to stay away from the Valentine's candy.

Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day and a great weekend!

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