Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Kid Funny

I can't resist sharing one of the latest quips from Emily. Okay, it is really poking fun at me.

Last night, we dropped Kate off at her sleepover. I took Kate inside and I was talking with my friend about a couple things while Steve and Emily stayed in the car. All of a sudden, I hear Steve honk the horn, said my goodbyes and off we went.

This morning, I went to pick Kate up. When I got there, the girls were outside playing in the snow on the trampoline and pretty much ignoring the parents who had gathered. That was okay because we were all catching up with one parent whose family had moved and we don't get to see them very often. It took a while before we left, probably longer than Emily thought it should while she and Steve waited for Kate and I to come home.

When we finally got there, Steve told me Emily had asked when Kate and I would be home. He said he didn't know. She suggested that he honk the horn and maybe I would be home sooner.

Time to run.


Rick said...

The girls' stories are so adorable! I just love them! Did you get your 10 mile run in? Tammy and I did just shy of 7 yesterday (6.86 to be exact). It was the longest run I've done since the marathon last April! I'm about to head out after I line up my day for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a Columbus day-trip day. I got a parking ticket in the city the last time I was there last week. Grrrr. Hope you're having a good week!

Rick said...

Oh, I like the new layout of the blog! Refreshing. :)

Mom on the Run said...

Got the 10 in, in the cold. Hope you avoided Columbus meter maids this trip.

On the layout, it was time for a change. This one looks a little more spring-like and right now, I'll take as much spring-like as I can :-)

Rick said...

Ha! I did avoid the "meter maids". The particular one that ticketed me was a Brad Garret knock off (from Everybody Loves Raymond) and, about as big a doofus as his character! I shouldn't say that, but the guy totally tweaked me that afternoon! I so wanted to chew him up and spit him out. Grrr. I have contested that ticket, but have not heard from the City of Columbus Department of Parking Tickets (or whatever the heck they are) yet. I even requested a hearing. Justice will be served! LOL