Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shaking to the Core

So I tried out Pilates (I think that's how you spell it) today and I'm all shaky. I don't feel weak or sore, I guess that will come in a day or two. It definitely works the core.

Not sure I'll get in a run today. While it is relatively warm out, it is raining and with the junk I have in my head and chest, it's probably not a good idea to go. I could go to the gym but will need to wait until after 6 when the afterschool/work rush is over. I should have jumped on a treadmill after the pilates class because the place was dead.

For your Thursday smile, here's one from Emily. This week in preschool they are talking about healthy bodies. Yesterday, a nurse came in to talk to them about heart health. Emily has been full of facts ever since. Today's was the best.

Emily: Mom, I haven't had my three glasses of milk today yet...but I'm working on it. Drinking milk keeps my heart healthy.


Jennifer :-) said...

Hope you continue to feel better! Some kind of crud is going around here too, and I'm hoping to not catch it! Pilates is a killer - oooh, how it works those abs! On your other post, you mentioned NetFlix...which package did you get? We're thinking about giving it a try too...just curious.

Mom on the Run said...

I'm getting there although I ended going without any sleep last night at the allnighter - too much fun, though. Anyway, we got the $8.99 package. We get one DVD at a time but can get unlimited downloads, of which they do have a ton. They have a really quick turnaround. For instance, I sent one back Thursday, they received it yesterday and sent out the next one in our cue and today we have a new movie (Tinkerbell). We've had it about a month and have been really happy with it.