Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank You, Sir! May I Have Another?

Yeah. I've recovered from the stomach bug of last week and am now coming down with the cold du jour. I think it may be part of the stomach bug as Steve has the same thing as does another friend.

Oh well, at least I've gotten in two runs in two days. I guess I'm going to wing it on getting back into my training schedule and probably cut the 12 mile run called for this weekend down to 10 miles. I don't think it will really matter as I run either 10 or 12 miles every Saturday from now until the first weekend in May.

I'm going to try out a Pilates class tomorrow, hopefully in addition to a run of some distances, obviously yet to be determined. I'll spin on Friday and I'm not sure how Saturday is going to go. There is an "all-nighter" for the group of kids I help with on Wednesday nights. I don't think the kids get to stay up all night but I can't imagine it is going to be a restful sleep unless I can find a couch or some other soft place to land. Then again, I may just volunteer to stay up and catch up on some shows I've been wanting to watch.

We've been having M*A*S*H marathons at our house since television in South Bend went digital. We don't have cable and when we tried out a converter box, it didn't find any signal. We ended up signing up for Netflix and have been pretty happy. I'm particulary excited because they either have or will have several running movies in their inventory (Spirit of the Marathon, Run for Your Life, Running the Sahara, and Ultramarathon Man).

Speaking of shows, fellow bloggers Frayed Laces and Blue Dawgs Running, were on the podcast, Runners Roundtable. You can subscribe to it a iTunes or click here to listen.

Hope you're having a good week of running and staying healthy.


Rick said...

You get healthy as well, missy. It has been a rough winter, both in weather and illnesses. Time for spring. I did get to run in shorts today! That's always encouraging. :)

Have a good rest of your week! ;)

Mom on the Run said...

It's supposed to be 50 here today with rain before it gets cold again. At least the hints at spring are getting more consistent. Once it comes, I think we'll have earned it :-)