Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I'm getting ready to actually run today. Went to turn on the Garmin and it is dead. Trying to charge it - nothing!!!!

Ironic thing, I was going to put in all my runs at Buckeye when it was working just a bit ago. Sniff.


Kelly said...

grrr. Do you know a way to hook up your Garmin and Buckeye, or do you still do it all manually?

Carrie said...

Have you tried resetting it? I occasionally have to. You can Google for instructions on how to reset your particular model.

Mom on the Run said...

God bless my husband. I deposited it on his desk, told him what was wrong, and went for a run. By the time I got back, he had it fixed - reset it. Thanks Carrie.

Kelly, I still enter things automatically because we have Macs and whatever you can use to download the data automatically doesn't work o them yet.