Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Four More Days?

Yes, four more days until the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. (Deep breath)

I'm not ending this training cycle as strong as I was hoping. I've skipped a number of runs. Replaced at least one run per week with a spinning class (which actually I think will benefit rather than hinder). I've watched my tempo run times decrease (okay, 10-15 seconds per mile, but still). And I still don't know where my children will be spending Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. Any volunteers? Just kidding. At least I know where Steve and I are staying.

Well, I need to get moving. Have a bunch of editing to do (computer books, sorry, can't get real excited about those), house cleaning (parents stopping by tonight), organizing (Tour de Max), and keeping Emily entertained with something other than videos or computer.

Wish me luck!


Kelly said...

Good luck! Time flies dosen't it?

Mom on the Run said...

It certainly does. BTW - you'll be fine this weekend. Run and enjoy!