Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back on Track

After taking a two week hiatus from running, I hit the road for the first time since the Mini-Marathon. It felt good. Kept the pace up, but unfortunately, I needed a walk break to recover. Not bad, though, for two weeks off.

In the meantime, I have been spinning a couple of times and went swimming last Tuesday and yesterday. The swim in the triathlon I'm doing in July is a half mile so I tried to swim 900 yards (just further than a half mile). I did okay, just didn't do the laps without stopping. I now know the struggle my husband is having with running. He ran in high school, I swam. I wasn't fast but it is hard not to have the endurance I once had. He struggles with not having the speed.

I survived the bike tour. The day turned out okay. No rain during the registration time (7- 9:30 am) so we had 41 people walk in in addition to our 92 pre-registered riders. The rain started around 10:00 am and by the time the long distance riders (63 miles) were back, the sun was out. Thankfully, like runners, cyclists would rather ride in the rain than the wind.

Everything else went smoothly, the three cyclists with flats, were able to get repairs or a ride back in and people were generally happy. I was home by 4 pm and just need to do a bunch of thank you notes to write.

Now, off to the last Wednesday night program for the school year at church. Slowly but surely, things are winding down for the summer.

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